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Your project isn’t just a project, it is a representation of your success, a visual representation of your story. It must be carefully handled and presented with a perfect voice. I can help your project soar, and you’ll receive timely professional service.

I am highly experienced with more than 14 years in the voice-over industry. I have provided narration services for many high-profile clients such as Cartridge World, qSample, Wellness Modalities, Family Sounds, Drizzly, and many more. My work encompasses many fields such as audiobooks, poetry, meditation lessons, and podcast introductions.

My mission is to guarantee your project is taken care of with utmost respect while also meeting your needs. I am here to bring your brand to life and to create an unforgettable journey together.

Spanish voice over available as well!

Contact Me to Discuss Your Project

My current average workload allows me to turn around most projects in 1 business day and auditions the same day. Reach out to me directly for any questions: 312-399-9859.

Miguel always delivers the project in a timely manner with the results the company needed, regardless of scope. He easily adjusted his voiceover to suit our projects. I must say he always overperforms and over-delivers.
Ivan Rosales
Regional Manager, Cartridge World
After listening to Miguel’s work, I knew instantly he was the perfect voice for my audiobook. He made every step in the production a breeze and was consistent, confident, and precise in his delivery.
Jame True
Author and Researcher, Self-Employed
Miguel Conner did a fantastic job with this voiceover commission. He was courteous, professional, and worked closely with me to ensure everything was to my liking and specifications. At the same time, Miguel knows how to work independently and intuit the right needs for the job. Thanks again!
Podcast Host, We Are Being Transformed

Pickups Policy


Retakes (my mistakes) are included at no cost.

Revisions (changes made to the script after recording):
  • Minor Revisions (one or two words): $50
  • Major Revisions (more than two words): $100 minimum
  • Re-Reads => 30% of the original script: Original rate
Performance Retakes (undirected sessions):

For undirected sessions, where I am recording the files in my studio at my own direction and sending them to you if you need me to redo lines for performance reasons, I’m happy to do one round of Performance Retakes at no cost. Please try to communicate any direction and change of direction at this time. After the first round of retakes, subsequent rounds are charged as Revisions above.

If retakes are required for pronunciation preferences that are not specified by a pronunciation guide or otherwise in writing, these will be treated as Revisions and are billable. Examples: “ee-ther” vs. “eye-ther,” “off-ten” vs. “off-en,” “oh” vs. “zero.”

When sending a change request, please highlight the lines in the original script or list the entire sentence to be re-recorded, the sentence before, and the sentence after so I know what I’m talking about. If applicable, please include the time index of the video so I can better match the tone and pace.
Please submit all change requests within 30 days of receiving the original recording. After 30 days, all change requests will be charged the initial rates.